Value Matters. For a More Equitable Future.

Getting an education after high school is more important than ever before. But what is that education worth, to students, to their families, to society? How do we make sure that education delivers value for all students, regardless of their race, ethnicity, income, or gender? These questions deserve the best answers we can give.

Define. Measure. Act.

A diverse group of college leaders, policymakers, researchers, advocates, and students took a hard look at the question “what is college worth?” and is proposing a way to answer that question – and actions leaders can take now to improve postsecondary value and make it more equitable.

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A shared definition of college value that can inform policy and practice.


A measurement framework for how individual colleges and universities create equitable value for students.


An action agenda to encourage changes in policy and practice leading to more equitable value.