The Commission’s Focus

The Commission’s Focus

Postsecondary value comes down to return on investment – for students and for society. These returns are both economic and non-economic, paving the way to a better living and a better life.


The commission considered a wide range of returns and how to measure them (and current challenges in measuring some of them), as well as the role of colleges and universities and state and federal policy in boosting these returns, and more importantly, making them more equitable.



The commission has developed recommendations in three areas:

From Ideas to Action

Hear more from commission members about the importance of postsecondary value for college and university leaders, state and federal policymakers, and students and families.

Eloy Oakley, California Community Colleges

Leaders in states like California are asking important questions like: how does higher education create social and economic mobility for students?

Zakiya Smith Ellis, State of New Jersey

The value of higher education is not only for the individual student but also can benefit entire communities.

Margaret Spellings, Texas 2036

Explains how defining value is critical to using resources wisely.

Cheryl Oldham, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

In higher ed, there needs to be a conversation around value alongside the conversation about cost.

Luis Talavera, Arkansas State University

Shares how he overcame a perspective that college wasn’t for him.