Conversations on Value

Conversations on Value

Commission members share their reflections about what the value of higher education means to them—and why having a shared understanding of value matters.

What is the return on investment for higher ed?

In higher ed, there needs to be a conversation around value alongside the conversation about cost.

The future of our economy

Leaders in states like California are asking important questions like: how does higher education create social and economic mobility for students?

Student voices on the Postsecondary Value Commission

Students like Sebastian are getting a postsecondary education to change their own life trajectory—and that of their families.

The value of higher education for communities

The value of higher education is not just for the individual student but can benefit entire communities.

Luis Talavera, student at Arkansas State University

Shares how he overcame a perspective that college wasn’t for him.

Margaret Spellings, senior consultant at Texas 2036 and former US Secretary of Education

Explains how defining value is critical to using resources wisely.

Michele Siqueiros, president of the Campaign for College Opportunity

Shares her personal experience with higher education as a way out of poverty. 

Nichole Francis Reynolds, vice president for public policy at Mastercard

Defines value as an equity issue for higher education.

Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League

Describes what the word ‘value’ can mean in peoples’ lives.

Teresa Lubbers, commissioner of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education

Shares how the value of higher education affects states and their economies.